Buttery-smooth cycling experience with crossover elegance. We merged the best of a chromoly mini velo with the quietly smooth GATES Caron Drive belt, into a sleek, minimal modern design

Cross Velo MINI (aka CVM) is our proud minivelo solution toward low maintain urban cycling. It was formed in 2018 with a simple premise: to build contemporary urban minivelos combined with cycling historical consciousness.

From 2017, we began doing ideation and researches toward elevated chainstay, the essential feature to run belt-driven without frame breaking. Eventually we found a viable direction from cross-frame, a frame type had been evolved long time ago since 19th century.

We named it Cross Velo MINI, whereas symbolizes the cross-frame and crossover philosophy as well.

Despite the popularity of composite material, CVM is set to be made by chromoly steel. The combined property of structure and material represents great stiffness in light weight. The contrast and elegance of Cross Velo MINI is the true element to its wonderful riding experience.

*CVM has obtained compliance of ISO-4210, and patents approved by EU, Japan and Taiwan.