Project Description


On 2018, we began doing concept sketches and researches based by 20″ wheel bikes. After countless rounds of ideation and simulations, and co-worked with experts of industries, eventually we landed on the final design.

The CVM is specifically designed for chromoly material. While others need separated frame design for belt installation, CVM resolve the Achilles’ heel by its sophisticated niche made of different diameter chromoly tubing welded with skilled workmanship

為了配合台灣道路和單車移動之間的都會生活節奏,同時結合當代美學,我們發想出一個念頭: 以經過時間考驗的鉻鉬鋼管材質,融合當代的碳纖複合皮帶系統。


我們將它取名為CVM™、”Cross Velo MINI” ,代表著這台車DNA裡深植的跨界(Crossover)精神。面對有如人生考驗般的道路坑疤,CVM™憑藉著鋼管優異的吸收衝擊彈性,讓你可以更舒適地盡情疾行;皮帶與生俱來的調性,讓你感受到腳踏下去的瞬間,那隨傳隨到的沉穩傳輸及綿密動力感。同時,CVM™更是一台幾何設定得宜,騎乘舒適的性格小徑車。

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